How to choose the right adhesive for weather stripping

Choosing a suitable adhesive for weather stripping ensures effective sealing and insulation. We learned from previous articles that weather stripping prevents air and moisture infiltration. It ultimately improves energy efficiency and enhances comfort in buildings. Although, if you fail to install seal strips properly, you might not get the expected result. In this case, the ideal adhesive for weather stripping is necessary for perfect installation.

Various types of adhesives are available to suit different weather stripping applications. These strip adhesives exhibit distinctive properties, exceptional strengths, and remarkable compatibility with materials. Popular brands include 3M, Loctite, permatext, gorilla, E6000, sika, Amazing Goop, and Sashco. You must know your application first and then choose the best option. Although, without the proper adhesive, weather stripping may fail to provide a durable and long-lasting seal. Ultimately, it compromises the seal strip’s effectiveness.

This article emphasizes the significance of choosing a suitable adhesive for weather stripping. This article familiarizes readers with popular adhesive options. It also highlights their features, pros, and cons. It empowers readers to make informed decisions based on their specific weather stripping needs. The ultimate goal is to facilitate effective weatherstripping installations.

How to choose a suitable adhesive for your project?

Choosing the ideal adhesive for weatherstripping involves some considerations that you should make. It is crucial for achieving a secure and long-lasting bond. Again, failing to create the perfect bond will compromise your seal strip’s effectiveness. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a suitable adhesive:

A.      Assessing Weather Stripping Material

Different weather stripping materials have varying properties. Besides, they require specific adhesives for optimal bonding. Therefore, assessing weather stripping materials is crucial to consider. It helps to ensure adhesion strength, compatibility, flexibility, compressibility, chemical resistance, and longevity. Rubber and foam are two popular weatherstripping materials you may find. Although there are some other unique materials, such as vinyl, metal, felt, and magnetic strips.

If your weather stripping material is rubber, look for adhesives ideal for this material. The adhesives used for these materials typically offer excellent flexibility and adhesion for a tight seal. On the other hand, foam weather stripping requires adhesives formulated for foam materials. The adhesives used for foam provide the necessary bonding strength. It maintains the compressibility and flexibility of the foam.

B.      Considering Surface Type and Compatibility

Like weather stripping materials, different surface types react differently with the chosen adhesive. Considering surface types and compatibility will enhance adhesion strength, flexibility, and longevity. You may need to install weatherstripping on a variety of surfaces. Metals, woods, glass, and plastics are some popular surface types. When adhering weather stripping to these surfaces, select adhesives formulated for them. Finding the ideal adhesive for weather stripping is crucial for excellent adhesion to these surfaces. A perfect adhesive for weather stripping also resists temperature changes and moisture effects.

C.      Evaluating Environmental Conditions

You can select an ideal adhesive for your project by evaluating the environmental conditions. So, it ensures that it can withstand the challenges of the project. Temperature fluctuations, moisture, UV radiation, chemicals, and mechanical stress are typical factors. Proper evaluation ensures the adhesive’s long-term performance and prevents bond failure. It maintains the weather stripping’s effectiveness in sealing against air and moisture infiltration.

First, select adhesives capable of withstanding these conditions while evaluating the temperature range. Ensure that the chosen product won’t compromise the bond strength. Second, determine if the weather stripping will be exposed to moisture or water. In these cases, choose waterproof or moisture-resistant adhesives for weather stripping. Selecting the ideal adhesives will maintain the bond integrity and prevent water infiltration. Third, if the weather stripping is exposed to direct sunlight or UV radiation, opt for adhesives with UV resistance. Choosing the right product will prevent degradation, colour fading, and weakening of the adhesive bond.

D.     Understanding Specific Project Requirements

Understanding the project requirements allows you to select the ideal adhesive for you. It ensures optimal adhesive bond performance, durability, and longevity. As a result, you can create a successful and reliable installation that seals against air and moisture infiltration.

First, consider whether your weather stripping needs to accommodate movement or flexibility. In these cases, select an adhesive that offers flexibility and allows for expansion and contraction. Second, assess the drying or curing time of the adhesive for weather stripping. Some projects may require fast-drying adhesives to expedite the installation process.  

E.      Consulting Manufacturer Guidelines and Recommendations

Every manufacturer often provides proper guidelines and recommendations for adhesive selection. It is crucial to review these guidelines to ensure compatibility of the adhesive for weather stripping. By doing so, you can maximize the performance and lifespan of the weather stripping.

Seashore Rubber specializes in this service. They provide easy and detailed guidelines in various languages. You can decide the most appropriate adhesive for weather stripping from this guideline. You can also consult with their customer service point for more information.

Popular adhesive for weather stripping

It is necessary to choose from popular options for several reasons. Firstly, popular adhesives have already gained recognition and trust in the industry. It indicates their effectiveness and reliability. Professionals and consumers have tested and used these adhesives to ensure their performance. Moreover, a popular adhesive for weather stripping always comes with comprehensive product information. Besides, the manufacturers of these adhesives provide valuable insights and assistance. In the following, we have brought the seven most popular adhesives you can choose for your project.

3M weather stripping adhesive (black super)

3M weather stripping adhesive is ideal for bonding rubber gaskets and seal strips to metal surfaces. This excellent adhesive ensures a tight waterproof seal. Automotive doors, trunks, and sunroofs are popular places for sealing applications. 3M black super adhesive cures fast and holds the rubber seal strips in place.


  • Specially designed for automotive weather stripping application
  • This automotive rubber adhesive provides excellent adhesion to rubber and metal surfaces.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV radiation
  • This weatherstrip adhesive offers long-lasting performances.


  • Not suitable for other surface types like wood and glass
  • It can be challenging to remove after being  cured

Loctite silicone strip adhesive

This adhesive for weather stripping is a multipurpose glue. It creates a waterproof and protective seal. Loctite silicone strip adhesive is ideal for various surface types, such as metal, glass, rubber, tile, and porcelain. This product has many applications, from construction and automotive to marine. Its silicone formulation ensures excellent flexibility to accommodate movement. Loctite silicone waterproof sealant protects against moisture, air leakage, and UV degradation.


  • Resistant to weathering, ageing, and UV exposure
  • Forms a durable and long-lasting bind
  • Maintains flexibility over time


  • It needs proper surface preparation for perfect adhesion
  • Some Loctite sealants may have a longer curing time

Permatex 81158 black silicone adhesive sealant

This adhesive for weather stripping gives a better result. It suits automotive sealing applications. This Parmatext 81158 adhesive for weather stripping is ideal for high-temperature applications. Automotive engines or HVAC systems are the most famous examples here. Like other adhesives, Permatex 81158 also creates a flexible and waterproof bond. The bonding ensures effective sealing against different environmental factors.


  • Suitable for extreme temperature applications
  • Provide a professional finishing
  • Easy to apply on various surfaces
  • Strong like 3M super black adhesive for weather stripping


  • This adhesive for weather stripping cures quickly. Therefore, you should make sure no mistakes before the application.

Gorilla ultimate waterproof wood glue

This adhesive for weather stripping is ideal for application on wood surfaces. It forms a waterproof bond ideal for exterior wood applications exposed to varying weather conditions. Gorilla waterproof wood glue is recommended to secure weather stripping around doors and windows.


  • Waterproof adhesive specially designed for wood applications
  • High strength and durability
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor wood weather stripping


  • Only applicable to wood surfaces

E6000 5510310 Craft Adhesive

This adhesive is a versatile product suitable for various weatherstripping materials. Wood, brick, glass, leather, and plastic are the compatible material of this product. It forms a strong, flexible bond, ensuring the seal strips remain securely attached. Since it is water-resistant, E6000 is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Excellent adhesive for brick, wood, glass, leather, and plastics
  • Can withstand exposure to chemicals and vibrations


  • This adhesive for weather stripping is not ideal for metal surfaces.
  • It may have a longer curing time compared to some fast-drying adhesives

GOOP 140231 1 oz. All-purpose amazing goop

This adhesive for weather stripping is an all-purpose product. It provides one of the strongest single-component adhesives among the popular items. It is compatible with various materials like metal, wood, and plastics. This product can be an excellent choice for weather stripping to fixing indoor equipment. However, amazing goop 140231 creates a flexible and waterproof bond.


  • Multipurpose adhesive and sealant
  • It provides a tough and flexible bond.
  • Resistant to water, temperature variations, and chemicals


  • It may require surface preparation for optimal adhesion.
  • It can have a longer curing time compared to some fast-drying adhesives.

SASHCO 13043 Lexel Synthetic Rubber

Lexel adhesive for weather stripping is a tough elastic sealant. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. This adhesive for weather stripping is exceptionally flexible and can handle up to 400% joint movement. It is formulated with synthetic rubber, providing exceptional adhesion and flexibility. Like other sealants mentioned above, Lexel is also resistant to water, UV radiation, and temperature changes.


  • Multipurpose adhesive and sealant
  • The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty
  • Resists water, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations


  • It may require longer curing time compared to some other adhesives.
  • It can be difficult to remove once cured.