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Top 10 rubber extrusion manufacturers

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Rubber extrusion plays a crucial role in various industries, providing durable and flexible solutions for sealing, insulation, and other applications. If you’re looking for reliable rubber extrusion manufacturers in China, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will explore the top seven companies that excel in rubber extrusion manufacturing. These companies have established a strong reputation for their quality products, innovative solutions, and customer-centric approach. Let’s dive in and discover the leaders in the rubber extrusion industry.


SHRubber is a reputable rubber extrusion supplier that provides high-quality rubber profiles and seals. They have a comprehensive product portfolio, including pinch welds, car window seals, and metal edge trims. With their commitment to innovation and advanced production techniques, SHRubber delivers precision-engineered rubber extrusion products that meet the diverse needs of their customers.

National Rubber

National Rubber is a well-established rubber extrusion company focusing on customer satisfaction. They offer a wide range of extruded rubber products, including door thresholds, window rubber seals, and rubber seal strips. National Rubber’s manufacturing capabilities, combined with their expertise in material selection, enable them to deliver reliable and durable rubber extrusion solutions for various industries.

GSH Industries

GSH Industries is a leading manufacturer of custom rubber extrusions, catering to diverse industrial sectors. Their expertise in rubber extrusion includes automotive weatherstripping, fender vs. bumper seals, and rubber edge trimming. GSH Industries’ commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and advanced manufacturing technologies positions them as a trusted partner for clients seeking customized rubber extrusion solutions.

Shida Rubber

Shida Rubber specializes in the production of extruded rubber products, focusing on automotive applications and sealing systems. They offer a range of rubber extrusion solutions, including car door weather stripping, adhesive rubber strips, and foam window seals. Shida Rubber’s commitment to precision manufacturing, product reliability, and excellent customer service has earned them a strong reputation in the rubber extrusion industry.

Hongju Silicone

Hongju Silicone is a prominent manufacturer of silicone rubber extrusions, catering to various sectors such as automotive, electronics, and medical industries. Their product range includes silicone door seals, rubber edge trims for metal, and shower door rubber seals. Hongju Silicone’s commitment to using high-quality materials, advanced production techniques, and strict quality control measures has positioned it as a reliable supplier of silicone rubber extrusion products.

Rubber Plastic Parts

Rubber Plastic Parts is a well-established rubber extrusion company based in China. With years of experience and a diverse product portfolio, they offer various extruded rubber products for various applications. The company specializes in extruded rubber seals, fender vs bumper components, rubber seal strips, and car door weather stripping. Rubber Plastic Parts prides itself on its cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering high-quality products. They are dedicated to meeting customer expectations and have a strong track record serving clients from different industries.

Seashore Rubber

Seashore Rubber is a leading rubber extrusion manufacturer known for its extensive range of products and exceptional customer service. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, they offer custom extrusion solutions for various industries. Their expertise is manufacturing rubber seals, weather strips, automotive weather stripping, and door insulating strips. Seashore Rubber ensures strict quality control and compliance with international standards, making it a trusted choice for global customers.


Regarding finding reliable rubber extrusion manufacturers in China, Shida Rubber, Hongju Silicone & Rubber Products Co., Ltd., and Rubber Plastic Parts are among the top choices. These companies have established themselves as leaders in the industry by offering high-quality rubber extrusion products, custom solutions, and excellent customer service. Whether you require insulating strips for doors, automotive weather stripping, or edge trims for metal, these manufacturers have the expertise and capabilities to meet your specific needs. Businesses can ensure their products’ durability, functionality, and performance by partnering with these top rubber extrusion manufacturers.

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